Why Google Blogger Sucks

I tried to make a blog on Google blogger. It sucked because when I tried to use my Anonymox plug-in in my Firefox browser so I couldn’t have my IP address traced, Google blocked me from my account.   I have a right to privacy online, especially when I’m writing a blog.  Google probably doesn’t agree with me, or a number of European countries when it comes to privacy issues.

Anyway, Google apparently thought I was an evil hacker or something, and more or less didn’t like Anonymox’s fake IP address and locked me out of my account, citing “suspicious activity”. This was AFTER I spent two hours writing up a really nice rant, and posted it. I’m not even sure that my post got saved after I got blocked since I am still blocked more than 24 hours later, and I don’t care to give Google my cell phone number so they can text me some code to become unblocked.  How does Google know that the cell phone number they are given isn’t the cell phone number of the evil hacker?  I think Google wants to collect cell phone numbers, just because they feel like it.

Of course I should have copied my blog onto my hard drive for back up when posting, but I wasn’t expecting that to happen.  I generally like the stuff Google does, but as soon as a company gets too big it tends to get really stupid as well.

Maybe Google should look at Microsoft’s example.  They used to be the bullies of the market until other people started to do things better and cheaper (maybe even for free).  See what happens when you think you are untouchable, Google?

So, I am using my Anonymox stuff now.  WordPress doesn’t seem to mind….yet.


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