Unemployment Update – Part 1

I just got back from the unemployment office.  I was standing in front of the employees’ desks waiting to speak to someone, when I noticed the person I spoke to before (twice) sitting at her desk working on her computer, ignoring me, even though she could see me standing there waiting to be helped.  Luckily another employee wasn’t too busy and had time to help me.

I explained to the new person helping me that I was tired of explaining my situation each time I came in. This person put me on the special “please call” list for people who desperately need unemployment (ie., getting the runaround though — still no money) and said that maybe it was a good idea to have reapplied for unemployment (keeping in mind I applied about five months ago) just in case my request for backpay was denied!  Yeah, right!  Apparently to request for backpay I learned, one is supposed wait approximately one month after not hearing anything from the government, and inform them of this – d’oh! I should have known that! It’s my fault I that I fell through the cracks!

I explained again that the system doesn’t make it clear that I should be submitting reports since it gave me messages that new information had been received and that my claim was being processed.  I was told that the system was ‘complicated’ and that the reporting system and the messages I could see when I logged in were somehow not connected to each other.  How can it be complicated?  Because the government makes it complicated.  How can the systems not be connected?  When I log in and the first thing I see is something like, “we’re processing your claim, just wait”, how would I suspect that I should be submitting reports?

I was told again to call the 1-800 number and that it should be only around 20 minutes to get through during off-peak times.  I said that the 1-800 number was useless.  Surprise – I called when I got home and the system hung up on me because the call volume was too high.

I am going back in three days if, or when no one calls me.  In the meantime I’ll keep trying the 1-800 number…


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