Unemployment Update – Part 3

After another week of no one calling me from the unemployment benefits office, I am happy to say that I made a complaint last week regarding the exceptionally poor service I received from my government with respect to unemployment insurance.  I sent a detailed complaint by filling out a web form on the government website, so I wasn’t sure if my complaint would end up lost somewhere in internet purgatory. I was pleasantly surprised that someone from the unemployment complaints department actually called me back, a few hours after I had written the complaint and pressed the ‘send’ button.

A few days later, I received a call from a unemployment representative, who was extremely nice to me.  After almost four (that’s right, four) months of waiting, I finally received my unemployment benefits in full, thank you very much.

Now I will actually be able to focus on finding the right job in the meantime and, I think I’ve got a pretty good idea of what I want to do when I go back to school.  And I know it could be much worse for me, with some European countries approaching the 27% mark for unemployment, I am probably in a much better position than many other people living within wealthier countries.

See?  I’m not a “glass is half empty” person all the time.  I didn’t end my blog post by writing, “it’s why I am screwed” this time, even though I was royally screwed by having to wait four months to get my unemployment payments.  Perhaps in this case it’s more like, “it’s why I was screwed”.


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