Food Blogging More Popular Than Complaint Blogging

I don’t have any actual evidence to test the statistical significance of my statement, which is that my earlier post on the tarts I made actually got more likes and blog follows than any posts that involve me complaining and whining about being unemployed or other injustices, but it seems to be that food is the bigger winner here.

Maybe I should consider making tarts for a living!  Not that I think being a pastry chef or chef in general is not a worthwhile pursuit – I’ve considered it, but it’s just that after having spent a lot of time obtaining a graduate science/engineering degree, I still hope to find something in my field.

In the meantime maybe I can just put pictures of tasty food I’ve made in between my complaint posts to lure people into thinking that they’ll get to find recipes to be excited about on my blog, and BAM! they get hit up with a true “Why We’re Screwed” post and just end up feeling bad.  Don’t worry, I’ll try not to let the tears drip into the food, guys.

South American Seco de Pollo

South American Seco de Pollo (haha!  Made you look!)


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