My tart pan has paid dividends unlike my mutual funds

I am a tart-aholic.  This is likely because I found a tart crust recipe that involves making 3 crusts (just need to defrost them when needed; it’s so efficient).  Also because I am still unemployed and now that I have studied for and written the GRE,  I need to keep myself busy.  I have to do things besides looking at design photos with the Houzz app, and watching youtube videos on how to install cable railings and nice staircases in my future house.

Key lime tart with Meyer lemon substitute

Key lime tart with Meyer lemon substitute

This tart was supposed to be a key lime tart, but I couldn’t find any, so I used Meyer lemons instead.  The condensed milk really balances the citrus flavor and although I like regular lemons, Meyer lemons are just so nice (thanks Frank N. Meyer).  We had this for dessert after eating enchiladas with jack cheese/parsley with the leftover mole sauce.  I had too much filling so I made a custard with it – had to add a bit of cream with some cornstarch to make it thicker, but otherwise it worked out.


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