Advice on escaping a bad boss

“Zombie bosses and colleagues are everywhere”, says career expert Alaina Levine.  According to Alaina, these “zombies” are programmed to eat your brain.

This is your boss on Monday morning (from

This is your boss on Monday morning (from

Zombie colleagues suck, but zombie bosses are worse.  Unfortunately many of us have had at least one lousy boss.  In my experience, the only real way to get away from a bad boss is to leave.  Run far, far away.  Learning to recognize narcissistic and/or even sociopathic personalities very quickly is a sure way to avoid prolonged pain.  Of course bad bosses can still be bad without necessarily possessing these traits, but these types are the worst of the worst.

There is no way that the bad boss will change because he or she is a repeat offender (I can put a 99.9% guarantee on that), so you have to change your job.   Odds are your coworkers won’t acknowledge the problem, and if they do, they certainly won’t take any action since they are chicken and think it’s easier or better for their careers to remain neutral.  The upper management knows about it too, but don’t care because they haven’t bothered to calculate the external costs of having a jerk or many jerks in charge, e.g. due to high employee turnover.  It is much easier to sweep problems under the rug and is even easier for jerks to hide in places where higher employee turnover is considered “normal”.

Would you stay in an abusive relationship?  No.  So why would you allow yourself to stay in a job where this is happening?  You have to spend many hours at work so if you care about your career and overall happiness (which I imagine you do), start an exit plan with or without the support of those around you!


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