“Five…or ten things I should know…”

At the risk of resembling a bad Seinfeld joke set up: what is up with the latest online news media trend that includes writing headlines such as “Five things you should know about _____”? For example, the latest one from ABC: “Five stories you’ll care about in politics next week“.

I know the media has been deciding what news I can access since its inception, but the latest trend of actually telling me, in a headline, what I should know and then going ahead and listing those things, is desperate, shameless, superficial and condescending.

I submit that the reason for this type of headline is a result of there being so much easily accessible news online.  Media outlets have to find a way to have us click on their stories.  But come on! I am capable of reading articles and distilling what I think is important; I don’t need someone else to do it for me, and then make the sweeping proclamation that I should know it.  By extension “should” I also accept how the “things I should know” are spun too?  Thanks news media, for thinking that I am stupid enough to not be able to come up with topics for water cooler conversations on my own; now, I at least have five things you deem important enough for me to talk about.  Phew!  I’ll make sure to stick to only those topics and only discuss them at the superficial depth of detail as provided by you.

One thing the news media should stop doing, now! <<CLICK>>

1.  Shoving what it thinks I should know, down my throat.

Talk about that at the water cooler, journalists.


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