First Attempt at Making Furniture – Part 1

So I had this big idea that I should try to make some living room furniture.  I read somewhere that a coffee table is a good project to start with if new to woodworking.  Instead, I’ve decided, why not make the whole set?  Coffee table, side tables and console table.

I went to visit the local reclaimed wood furniture guy a few days ago since I will make hairpin leg tables with wooden tops (I hope).  Luckily I have immediate family members who will be able to explain to me what I should be doing, and will provide tools and a workshop.

After getting in trouble with the reclaimed wood guy for not telling him exactly what I wanted, dimension -wise (as I told him, how the hell was I supposed to know exactly what I need if I don’t know the wood widths ahead of time?), followed by a lot of hand-waving and an explanation that a console table is not for DVD players and TVs, but for decoration purposes, I am hopefully going to be the recipient of some random dried hardwood pieces a few weeks.  He will plane and square off the wood, and dry it as necessary.  I told him the pieces should be of the same hardwood type because it’s got to be for a set.  Upon initial inspection he thought chestnut might be the random wood I’ll get but we shall see.  If so, I’m a lucky brat.  I am a bit afraid as he is working from measurements I wrote on a ripped off piece of paper that I gave him, but I think given he does flooring he might have it sorted out.

My plan was to go for stainless hairpin legs from  Still have to order those babies, but the wood has to be worked well before I can even think about sticking legs on.

See final project examples here:

Retro Menagerie – Coffee Table

Scissors and Thread – Coffee Table


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