Is that Monkey Poo, Google?

I downloaded and started to use the new Google Hangouts app to chat on my Android tablet.  The video chat function works, but the quality is not as good as it is on Skype, but I digress.

I was perusing the different emoticons, which are kind of fun, though they look very tiny on my screen since my tablet is only 7″.  I noticed the one emoticon that was odd – and have decided it couldn’t be anything except poo, and I suspect it might actually be monkey poo based on its similar color scheme as the monkeys to the left.  I mean, it’s brown, and there is yellow steam surrounding it.  I thought, am I just some sort of demented person for thinking this?  So I kept looking at it.  What else could it possibly be?  It’s not cupcake icing because that makes no sense.


If that ain’t monkey poo, then I don’t know monkey poo from Shinola.

So I guess Google thought there would be plenty of ways to work “monkey poo” into a chat; enough to warrant its very own visual representation!

A conversation could go like this:

Friend:  “Hey, did you hear about that politician who defrauded taxpayers of millions?”

Me: “What a bunch of monkey poo”.

Maybe I’ll win $1,000,000 from Google for being the first person to discuss the monkey poo emoticon online!  Then I’ll have nothing better to do with my time, but write exciting blog posts all day, such as this fine piece of prose that you’re reading.  If I had used my new found hieroglyphic in my very unpopular previous post on bullshit, it could have saved me a lot of time.


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