Government Job Interview #8053

I’ve applied to so many jobs and done so many interviews with various levels of government in the past year or so that I don’t even remember having applied to the positions anymore!

There are really only so many interviews one can spend time doing before the realization comes that it’s great to do interviews, but a complete waste of time to keep participating in them if they never amount to anything.

I realize there are people out there who can’t even get a single interview, anywhere.  I know.  Although, in that situation at least one can take comfort in the fact that he or she won’t be used as a checkbox, i.e., so the hiring committee can report that it interviewed someone qualified, but that the “most qualified” candidate (the person who knows someone on the inside) is the one who gets the job.

Unfortunately, I am starting to feel like the proverbial donkey chasing the carrot.

That’s why at the same time, I am going to grow my own garden full of carrots, damn it, even if I have to start from seeds.  Then I can add whatever other vegetables I bloody well want.   Then my soup will be the best, and I’ll be selling it at a high price!

“No soup for you!  Don’t come back for one year!” I’ll say.

from and originally from 116th episode of NBC's Seinfeld.

from and originally from 116th episode of NBC’s Seinfeld.



  1. “There are really only so many interviews one can spend time doing before the realization comes that it’s great to do interviews, but a complete waste of time to keep participating in them if they never amount to anything.”

    yup. this all day. im approaching 30 interviews in the past ten months. I’m done. The post-interview let down is too much.

    1. I can relate to your posts on networking events, exam writing (after 30…), and of course, interview fatigue as we discuss here. Since people have fewer kids now, I bet it means less work for people like you in the education field? Is that a big problem in NYC?
      Perhaps it’s time to walk down the street wearing a sandwich board that reads: “I’m qualified, will you hire me before I shoot myself?”. I really enjoy reading your posts – with your writing skills, it seems crazy to me that no one has hired you; although like me, I suspect you lack the dominant gene for sycophantism, which doesn’t help us get ahead in today’s world. Perhaps we could use our experiences to write a hit show about our situations on HBO or amc or something…could make for great comedy. Episode 1, Scene 1: “Guy profusely sweating in suit attempts to gain meaningful employment”.

      1. I really do feel like at the end of the day, interviews come down to how much someone “likes” you. (although, if you ask me on a different day, I’d talk your ear off about how there are always candidates within companies that are already all but hired by the time I arrive for an interview).

        I am not naturally outgoing, but I can do it when I need to, but clearly not as well as other folks. I don’t know if my field is hiring less now than historically, but I’d guess probably. I chalk it up mostly to the economy, and nyc just being competitive as f%ck.

        I’ll write a show with you, for sure.

        What type of government jobs are you applying for?

      2. Yeah, I can imagine nyc must be brutal. Ever thought about leaving the big apple? To be honest, I’ve never been to nyc!
        I’ve always wanted to write a script for a show or something…I would love to even try stand up comedy (neither of which I’d have ANY idea about what I was doing!!!). I’m actually a scientist by trade – environmental (it was my day job…), but debating other career options given my current state of affairs!

      3. I don’t want to leave nyc, but I know it might come to that. But the thought makes me miserable. I wish someone would come along and just direct my future. I don’t know whether going back to school is what it will take, or if there is some other way. I don’t know if I should keep doing what I’m doing? This is the worst!

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