Robyn Urback: University of Saskatchewan president needs a lesson in Free Speech 101

University of Saskatchewan professor Robert Buckingham was fired for criticizing a university cutback plan, given the corporately branded name “TransformUS”.  But it’s okay, controversy and bad press have encouraged university CEO Illene Busch-Vishniac, ahem, I mean President Busch-Vishniac, to give Robert Buckingham his job back, kind of.

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Usually when we hear stories about free speech being snuffed out on campus, the students are the ones doing the snuffing. Acting as self-appointed “safe space” police, students have shut down lectures on everything from men’s issues to abortion; sexuality and politics. Some over-enthused students at Queen’s University — obviously naive to the nature paradox — even went so far as to shut down a “free speech” wall on campus last year. In many cases, the most university officials can be accused of is complacency; of allowing a rowdy few hijack debates, or else, of failing to adequately acquaint students with the fundamentals of free expressions and democratic rights. The administration at the University of Saskatchewan has taken things to an entirely new level.

[np_storybar title=”‘It’s an embarrassment’: University of Saskatchewan slammed for ‘outrageous’ firing of professor who spoke out against cuts” link=””]The firing of a University of Saskatchewan dean who publicly complained…

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