Officially tired of job hunting.

I am officially tired of wasting my time.

I applied for a government position back in February and even interviewed for said position a few months back. I thought the interview went fine.

The position outline of course describes the ideal candidate, who is expected to be a virtual human encyclopedia with a godlike ability to apply his or her knowledge in innovative and creative ways, while simultaneously solving all the world’s sustainable development problems.  So yes, the moon and the stars, please.

In order to improve the way governments approach sustainability, they must change how they operate.  But this is like trying to ask Kim Jong-un to get a better haircut.  It ain’t going to happen.

The government decided to repost the position for which I’ve already interviewed now 3 months later, with no application deadline in hopes that some other superhuman candidate will come along to fill the position, I assume.  They could have had someone (me, or anyone else with experience) working on their problems for months now, but prefer to adhere to the norm of inefficiency.  This way the HR people are kept busy paper-pushing at least.

Just have to keep studying for the LSAT.  I am incrementally improving my accuracy in answering questions, but it is slow and painful.

When you look this good, why change it?

When you look this good, why change it?




  1. nothing beats seeing a job you interviewed for being reposted. I know feelings have no place in the job search process, but it feels particularly insensitive when companies pass over multiple well qualified candidates in search of, who knows? The dream candidate? More busy work? Someone who will work for dirt cheap? I like to infuriate myself by imaging the hiring person talking to their managers being like “Yeah, no one was quite the right fit”. Also, my fury is supported my my belief that most candidates can do most jobs if they are motivated, even without tons of experience. People can learn. And you can’t tell me interviewers aren’t coming across motivated/desperate-will-do-anything-to-work job seekers.

    1. Thanks for your comment, jobmergency! I just question what the rationale is behind reposting a job. Especially knowing that managers don’t know what they’re doing just like everyone else – they’ve just been in the job longer. They may do their work, but they are just making it up as they go. It’s exactly as you said, people can do a job well if they are motivated and have something in their heads. So what makes management qualified to decide not one person interviewed wasn’t the ‘right fit’?

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