Academic Mobbing and Scientific Misconduct

Kenneth Westhues, Professor Emeritus at the University of Waterloo, has a few websites including Workplace Mobbing in Academe as well as which discuss various cases of workplace mobbing, as you may have guessed from the website titles.

After viewing these sites, I came across the Scientific Misconduct Blog, authored by ethical scientist Aubrey Blumsohn, who openly expressed his distaste when Procter & Gamble, a research “partner” at Sheffield University, decided it would be responsible for analyzing Blumsohn’s scientific data and for ghostwriting his publications.   Blumsohn experienced mobbing from the university administration after bringing forward his concerns with these practices and as a result he chose to speak to the media about his experiences.   Blumsohn eventually left his position with Sheffield, although he reached a legal settlement with the university.  This happened a number of years ago, but I thought it was an interesting case.

Since most scientific research has been and continues to be funded by private sources of dollars — I can only imagine how easily these types of scenarios could arise.  These ethically challenging situations likely occur more frequently than we think.




  1. Hi! Thanks for coming by and writing a great comment. I made it into a post and put it up today. It refers to your web site but I don’t know who you are beyond your web site name. Do you want your name on it? jp

    1. Hi jp, thanks for the post. I appreciate it. I am keeping my name anonymous for now; I prefer not to have prospective employers using my opinions against me, if it came to that…

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