Thou Shalt Not Commit Logical Fallacies

I’ve been doing some studying, and through exploring some links, I came across a website: Thou Shalt Not Commit Logical Fallacies. Just in case you weren’t sure, logical fallacies are flaws in reasoning.

The folks over at the website have organized some common logical fallacies in a fun way — they have symbols dedicated to each fallacy.  It seems as if the site organizers are trying to start a movement, as they invite people to send applicable links to those who commit logical fallacies.  For those who commit too many logical fallacies to count (come on, you know a few I’m sure, and if not, think:  local politician, corporation or annoying family member), you are welcome to download the Logical Fallacies Poster or purchase it from the website to give as a ‘gift’.

I think it would be fun if each fallacy came with a recording of a booming, god-like voice shouting:  “THE LOGICAL FALLACY YOU HAVE COMMITTED IS….” or tightwad Tuvoc’s voice from Star Trek:  “You are not logical”.

None of us are perfect, but rational thinking is cool.  Let’s all jump on the rational bandwagon together.  Everyone is doing it. Pourquoi?  Parce que.



  1. Absolutely! There are few things more frustrating that beginning what you think is going to be a great conversation and then – boom! The other person manages to commit at least 3 fallacies in their first two sentences. And then doesn’t take it well when you gently point out that their long, rambling paragraph addressed precisely zero of the core issues that you WERE discussing. It really kinda makes me despair for the human race.

    1. And now you have the online tool to point out others’ fallacies (or at least you can print a nice poster to bring to work). Guaranteed people will stop talking to you 🙂

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