Month: August 2014

Have a Comcastic Day!

In light of the nightmarish experience Ryan Block had in trying to disconnect his service with Comcast, today I had the pleasure of spending over one hour on the phone with Comcast, only to move my internet service.   That’s it, simple.  Move my service to another address.  Yep, that’s right.  It took well over one hour to do this.

The employee taking care of my account was not a very good communicator, in that when I was in the middle of giving him my information, he would say “yep” and cut me off so he couldn’t hear me, this way I had the pleasure of repeating myself several times.   This happened until I finally asked him to please stop talking and listen when I was speaking. I was put on hold for outlandishly long periods of time — I will give the employee the benefit of the doubt in perhaps there were ‘issues’ with Comcast’s computer system, but it seemed strange that when I was put on hold twice, there was just radio silence on the other end. I would estimate I was on hold for 10 minutes at a time, until I said “hello?”  to check if someone was actually still there.

The employee didn’t grasp right away that I didn’t want to sign up for a bundle with cable TV, as twice I explained that I did not have a television, and therefore paying for that service would be completely pointless.   So I then said, “No, I do not want a bundle”, after which he finally understood that no meant no.  He later confirmed that I was signing up for cable internet only, told me what the fee was, stating that there was a promotion for a smaller bill than we currently have.  This I find confusing, given that every time we move, the price of cable internet goes up and down for some reason.  Depends on Comcast’s mood, I guess? I’m not complaining that the employee did this, and hopefully he is saving me money so in that case it is appreciated, but I just don’t understand how the price fluctuates constantly.  Anyway.

This customer service person didn’t seem to understand that I didn’t want to have my service moved right away, not until next week.  I had to specify this; otherwise he assumed that the changes would take place immediately.  Furthermore, he tried to impose sending me a new modem, and the $10 charge along with it.  I did not ask for a new modem.  I wanted to move the one I have, and had to be very specific about this, otherwise, I would have gotten a 2nd modem.  The last time I phoned Comcast to move my service, this wasn’t even an issue, so I’m not exactly sure why I was being told that I would be receiving a new modem this time.

At the end of the call, I asked this person for his name and employee number.  Conveniently, he told me he couldn’t ‘remember’ his three-character long employee number.  I then had to wait another 3 or 4 minutes for him to ‘look it up’.

I was then transferred to billing.  I explained that for 3 months I hadn’t received a bill and that  I did not recall asking to be signed up for paperless billing.   I was told that if there was an e-mail address associated with the account, that paperless (“ecobilling”, Comcast likes to call it) would be automatic.  This was news to me.

I have nothing against paperless billing, but it would have been nice if last time while speaking with a Comcast rep, I was told that ecobilling was automatic (i.e., someone actually requested my consent for paperless billing…which of course, never happened). It would have also been nice if, after having ‘signed up’ for ecobilling, that I actually received e-mail telling me I had a bill. But I did not receive any e-mails, for like, two or three months.

The billing person of course could not just wipe off the late charges immediately that accumulated since I didn’t get any bills. She had to ‘put in a request’ to wipe them off the account and this process, if approved, will take 1-3 days to be applied to my account.  So if it isn’t approved, I will have to call back, because, somehow it’s my responsibility to make sure that Comcast doesn’t mess up the billing.  I may potentially get to waste another hour of my life.  Let’s see.

What’s great is, like a person with a record of misdemeanors, now that I was “late” to pay, if a screw-up happens again in the future, I’m sure it’s less likely that I won’t get charges wiped off my account because then it will look like I don’t pay my bills on time.  It’s convenient that Comcast has a monopoly on high-speed internet where I live.

On another note, I sent a complaint about the lousy service I experienced with American Airlines and its inconsistent customer compensation policies due to last-minute cancelled flights, to the US Department of Transportation.  Good luck to me.

Maybe I can become a full-time complainer, kind of like an obsessive, pain in the ass Ralph Nader.

Ralph, I bet you aren't happy with Comcast either.  Just guessin'. (from

Ralph! I bet you wouldn’t be happy with Comcast either? Just guessin’. (from