Home improvements

Today I did some small home improvements on our new home.  The shutters hadn’t been painted in a long time.  I read some blogs about how to paint aluminum stuff on houses and did the following:

1. Washed shutters with some water and all purpose cleaner.

2. After drying, I used a fine grit sandpaper and ran across all areas to ensure primer adhesion, then wiped loose dust with damp cloth.

3. Bought some spray primer; Rustoleum grey tinted flat.

4. Covered with 2-3 coats, waiting a few minutes in between each.   It was pretty nice to use.

5.  Repeated steps 1-4 on new mailbox too.  It was strange sanding off the nice shiny black finish but I want it to match the shutters. I have to do 2 more shutters also.  Will show final results in posts to follow.

Spray primer is my friend

Spray primer is my friend.


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