Which way is the front line from here?

I just finished watching the documentary “Which Way is the Front Line From Here? The Life and Time of Tim Hetherington”.

This was a thought provoking documentary about talented photojournalist/filmmaker Tim Hetherington (“Restrepo”), who was killed in a mortar strike in Libya in 2011. This film was difficult to watch. There is no doubt that Tim Hetherington was a risk taker, and I argue that he was addicted to taking risks, but without this type of personality he would not have been able to document human behavior in the way that he did.  Rather than making value judgements or politicizing the conflicts he covered, Tim elected to ask different questions about the relationships between the people he encountered.  With this point of view, he uncovered truth in his work.

At one point the film discusses how Tim forcefully expressed to his father how “rich” he was, in the sense of being able to exist in a free society — he and his family were from the UK. For many of us living in the first world, we are “rich”; this is the correct word.

What gets tiresome is encountering people whose arrogant and corrupt worldviews demonstrate that this richness is taken for granted.

Luckily though, every so often, people like Tim Hetherington pop up and show us how it really is.


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