Month: February 2015

Have I mentioned that Comcast has abysmally bad service?

Screw you, Comcast.
(Used under Creative Commons license CC BY 2.0.  TheBird by Dave Dennis)

Today was the third (and fourth) time I phoned Comcast to cancel my internet service.

After entering my telephone number 3 times; twice to the electronic phone system and once to a human, my account information would not come up based on my phone number.  I find this odd, and this is obviously a failing of Comcast’s IT system, assuming the customer service agent was telling the truth in not being able to bring up my information.  I also find it very ironic that customer information can’t be found when customers call in, given Comcast’s line of business.

I was told by the customer service agent that even though I could verify my address and name, I could not cancel my account because I would be required to verify the account number.  Well, guess what?  I’m moving, and my bills are packed, Comcast. Since I wasn’t allowed to cancel three weeks ago, I now don’t have a bill readily available with my account information, and your system should be able to bring it up after I had entered it THREE times in one phone call.  I logged into my online banking, and provided the last 5 digits of my account number to the agent, but this wasn’t the WHOLE account number, so she would not allow me to cancel.

When I called back, for some reason the system magically pulled up my customer information based on my phone number. I was then able to cancel.  Weird, no?

Moving isn’t stressful enough; I need Comcast to make life more difficult. Thanks a lot.

Now I have to return the modem, and you can bet your ass that I will be taking pictures of this process when I drop it off at UPS, in case it accidentally gets ‘lost’.

Let’s hope the final bill is correct, but at this point it is a crap shoot.