I made it to law school

Well folks, I haven’t posted anything of note at all for a number of months at this point because I was studying for my LSAT and attempting to gain acceptance to law school.  I have managed to do that.  Classes are going to start and I’m getting (dis)oriented with the law school experience.

If there’s anything I’ve always thought about lawyers, it is that they are totally weird.  I’ve met plenty of weird people generally, and in every profession, but some lawyers just have a very strange way of thinking and behaving.  If I become a lawyer, which I hope will happen (I should say ‘when I become a lawyer’, but it’s still a long road ahead), I will still probably think that lawyers are very weird.  Then again, I’m going to law school so I must be weird too!  I have a background in science and engineering; however, so I will probably always think along those lines — I have a feeling that this background will serve me well during my studies and in my career.

I find it funny when students reply that they want to be lawyers “because their parents and/or grandparents are lawyers”. This isn’t a good “main” reason to go law school at all!  This isn’t to say there may not be an influence from a close family member to pursue law, but one goes to law school to think for his or herself, not because mom or dad suggested you do so.  One needs more compelling reasons than that.

I am older than the average student, so I am finding my class to be full of generally nice people, but detecting some sense entitlement from some law students.  Perhaps it’s generational and/or just nervous students posturing, but I find the arrogance unusual considering these folks are not yet lawyers, nor do they have much life or employment experience!  Even as a lawyer, arrogance is likely quite off putting to folks who already find accessing legal representation/justice to be a challenge, if not downright impossible.

Luckily though there are also students who seem to understand this and my instructors have spent enough time in the real world to demonstrate humility.  I don’t think that law schools are helping the cause of access to justice either, by putting a high price on legal education, in particular in the United States.  There are plenty of law school “scam” blogs on the web too, but maybe I’ll talk about that on another day.

Either way so far I am excited to be embarking on a new career path through the appreciative eyes of someone with some life experience, after being caught up in a career that wasn’t really doing it for me for a lot of reasons.

I’ll try to post more regularly, but things are already starting to get nuts with my schedule.

Bring on the weirdness, lawyers!



  1. So, FYI, when this post popped up in my feed it looked like this:

    Why we are screwed
    I made it to law school

    Thus implying that the reason we are screwed is that you made it to law school. 🙂

    In all seriousness, though, congratulations!

  2. Since you made it to law school, then would you mind telling us about where you are going to law school?

    One thing to remember: the more elite the law school, the less cutthroat life in law school will be. Sure, there will be a lot of readings every step of the way, at every ABA-accredited law school, but 1L grades are the bread-and-butter for whether you can get a summer legal job in 2L summer, and, from there, a job at graduation.

    1. Thanks for the tips and for visiting my blog Yvan. I choose to have an anonymous blog, so I am not going to divulge where I go to school; however, I find it interesting that perhaps you are assuming I am attending law school in the US, given your reference to the ABA. Are you currently attending or thinking about going to law school also?

      1. I gave up on law school; I once contemplated law school as a backup plan to a PhD but now that I am starting a PhD, but now that I am enrolled in a PhD program, I will stick to it. However, only a few countries make use of the LSAT other than the US, but they are all common-law jurisdictions. The US is by far the biggest LSAT user.

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