About Why We’re Screwed

This blog is about why we humans are screwed, in general.  My partner and I, who have recently been constructively dismissed from our professional jobs in a wealthy, first world country, have decided to make a blog of things that we want to complain about, since, let’s be serious, no one cares or is listening anyway.

It appears that my blog has become a part-time food blog.  That is because I am currently unemployed so cooking keeps me out of trouble.  Perhaps I should call this blog “Cookin’ and Complainin'”, or “Bakin’ and Bitchin'”.  When I am employed again, I won’t have so much time for cookin’; only complainin’.  I suppose my blog needs will change depending on my life situation…

I should note that I am not affiliated with the “THIS is Why We’re Screwed” website, or Crazy Texts from Parents, or anything like that, although I do find that website entertaining.  I’ve also noticed there is a #whywerescrewed twitter account, which has nothing to do with me either.  To be honest I didn’t think twitter would be a ‘thing’ for so long, but looks like it’s still around.  I’m just a luddite who should learn to embrace this strange, abrupt way of communicating with the world and get a twitter account already.

Oh yes, the opinions expressed here are solely my own and do not represent those of any other party with whom I am affiliated now or will be in the future.  I am also not liable for any tasteless jokes or bad puns which may or may not appear on this blog.



  1. Liking your blog so far. I don’t know if I would go so far as to say no one cares or listens, only those people who could DO something about it are not caring or listening. And not enough of the rest of us to make a difference (yet). Keep up the good work and MAYBE it will change. At least I hope so!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I’m glad you liked it and I appreciate the follow. 🙂

    1. Thanks Capt Jill for reading. We are both certainly trying to “DO” something as you say; the ‘not caring or listening’ is a bit tongue and cheek. I must admit; it is part of my blog’s “schtick” if you will, since I am not really such a nihilist! I posted a reply on your ‘about’ page.

    1. Thank you as well for engaging with me here, and for liking my post on BS (I didn’t seem to get too many likes on that one – who really ‘likes’ sarcasm and bitterness, anyway??! A ‘dislike’ or ‘digusted’ option might be more appropriate in those cases…). Also, congratulations on your book! I am always interested in something to read and will drop you a line so I may be instructed on how to procure a copy!

      1. Thank you. The book proper won’t be out until May or June. What I’ve been doing is responding to emails of interest with the .pdf galley proof attached. It’s laid out as the book will be, and so works as a free e-book.

        No rush, whenever you feel like emailing is fine, read it whenever, it’s okay if it’s not your cup of tea, etc. Actually, more than a couple of readers have reported trouble with trying to put it down. It’s a bit of a gripping read, by all accounts. Nonfiction that reads like good intrigue fiction.

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