“He is like I am. He speaks like I do.”

Okay.  I couldn’t resist posting after reading this New York Times article about evangelicals and Donald Trump.  The article may very well be biased, but it is particularly funny.  In it, it appears some evangelicals quoted have convinced themselves that Trump is a man of God, even if there may be some lingering doubts about his Christian beliefs: “If he’s a Christian, then he’s probably a baby Christian,” said one person.

Evangelicals interviewed who are pursuing higher education seem to have greater doubts about Trump’s abilities to lead, though.

After reading the NYTimes, I thought about this other fun article in the Boston Globe which discussed the speech levels of party candidates.  According to it, Trump is speaking at a fourth grade level.  I can’t dispute that it seems to be working really well for him with evangelicals and non-evangelicals alike.

When Christians are willing to put their doubts aside as to whether Trump is God-fearing enough in order to support his presidential candidacy, however, the fourth grade rhetoric appears to be working some big time magic within that group.  Even if you think Trump is right off his flippin’ rocker, you can’t deny how clever he is for using simple speech to reach voters from all segments of American society.

Trump for POTUS!